Giz Search
version 2.6.5, 2012-11-10
* Corrected stuff that broke since the last update:
  - GizWizSearch no longer uses images from the Inside DGW blog, since it doesn't exists anymore. 
    All images come directly from the mp3 files now (from id3 tags).
  - file names for the mp3 files on the TWIT server have a new format now.
  - old audio player no longer exists. GizWizSearch uses dewplayer now instead.
* Added a note on a front page, about podcast no longer existing in its original format.
* YouTube videos on (some) episode pages

version 2.6.1, 2008-12-25
* Videos of the show on episode pages (starting with 707)
* Rating system
* "Share" and "embed" buttons for the videos
* Small redesign of episode pages, including some css3 experimental stuff

version 2.6, 2008-10-23
* Tags: a small tag cloud on a home page, a page with a full cloud (tags.php), tags on episode
  pages (thanks Alfred and Ryan!)
* The "find other stuff" box on episode pages with links (and pictures) to other episodes
  about similar products (uses tags data)
* Photos of products in search results
* Search results are now broken into pages, 10 results each
* "Sort by popularity" option in search results
* "Listen to Today's episode:" on the homepage changed to "Most recent episode:" 

version 2.5.2, 2008-08-16
* Redesign of the statistics page. It now includes charts (thanks to Google chart API)
  and is now divided into three parts: "Interesting facts", "Charts" and "Top 10"
* New "Download Them All" RSS feed
* Redesign of "your search return zero results" page. It's now clearer and includes suggestions.
* When searching for episode number you can now also type "episode [number]" (I noticed a lot of
  people do that")

version 2.5.1, 2008-05-27
* Added sorting options (by relevance, date and podcast length) to search results
* Reorganization of the Advanced Search page (should be more intuitive now)
* "Hey, DGW just released a new episode!" on the homepage changed into "Listen to Today's episode",
  shown only if there's an episode released today.
* Search results page now show length of episodes; other visual tweaks on that page

version 2.5, 2008-05-26
* Reorganization of episode pages: now information is divided by sources
  (currently: tags from netcast mp3 files, shownotes, posts, more comming...)
* The big one: integration of data from (thanks to the author for permission!).
  The application automatically pulls posts from the blog. To save space I remove all but the first
  image and most of the styling. I also remove videos, but put '[play video]' links in their places.
  Also to save space all but first section of the posts are hidden.
  To reveal other sections one have to click one of the links underneath the text
* In advanced search options now you can choose where do you want to search: product names (default), shownotes and/or posts. Alternatively you can use new "in:" command
  ("in:" is replacing "mode:"). For example by adding "in:twit" to your search query you will tell
  engine to search only in shownotes. Search results page doesn't show proper snippets of
  fount texts yet - it's in my TODO.
* bugfix: I fixed encoding problems in shownotes
  (they still exists on the original website, though)

version, 2007-10-05
* bugfix: previously during conversion from iso-8859-1 (Leo's id3 tags) to utf-8 (this website)
  all apostrophes in titles and product names were lost. Today I fixed this (retroactively). 

version 2.1, 2007-10-03
* Now autocomplete feature works not only in a searchplugin, but also on a site itself.
  It automatically gives you suggestions as you type.

version 2.0.6, 2007-10-03
* Additional shorter domain -
* You can go directly to episode page by typing [episode_number] URL,
  ex. Dates and product names works too (
  If you do this from an iPhone it uses the iPhone interface.

version 2.0.5, 2007-09-30
* Now episode pages and search results include official episode descriptions.
  Those are automatically pulled from whenever Leo updates the site,
  so it may take some time for new episodes to get a description (depends on Leo's time)
* Advanced search now gives you an ability to search within descriptions ("mode:both").
* Added contact form

version 2.0.1, 2007-09-27
* Episode page now includes a link to InsideDGW's summary of a given episode
* Specific date format isn't required anymore. More or less any date format is supported
* Sample queries on the "About" page
* This changelog was started

version 2.0, 2007-09-26
* Completely new design
* One unified search field for all types of queries
* New name and new domain
* RSS feed now hosted by
* Search plugin for a browser search bar, with autocomplete feature
* Single page with description of all additional tools (/tools.php)

version 1.0
This is how version 1.0 looked like: one_point_ou.png


* Search results should show a proper snippets of found texts
* Version 3.0 "The Social"
* Have more ideas? Contact me
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