Daily Giz Wiz 1: Docupen

Episode 1 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Docupen
Released:Monday 20 February 2006
Length:about 8 minutes
Download file:dgw0001.mp3 (3.6 MB)

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Detailed information

Shaped like a windscreen wiper, the PLANon Docupen RC800 can scan a whole page in one sweep.  24-bit colour and up to 400 dpi scanning.  TransFlash/MicroSD card slot.

In the beginning, there was Dick ...

Dick writes for the Mad Magazine, wrote for the Match Game, and started being the Giz Wiz about 20 years ago, when one of the producers of Match Game at Goodson-Todman Productions asked Dick to appear on TV showing some of his gadgets.  He's appeared on the Screensavers and Call For Help as well.  He tries to avoid talking about gadgets which everyone else is doing.
Dick is also a model train enthusiast and has a whole rail-track at his backyard.  The backyard at the DeBartolo Manor in New York measures 20' x 40'.

5 Gadgets Per Week

Leo asks Dick if he can come up with 5 gadgets a week.  Hello ???

The Hyperdog

Dick gives a teaser for a gadget called the Hyperdog, but he never returns to it.  It's a launcher for balls for your dog to retrieve.

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