Daily Giz Wiz 102: TV B Gone

Episode 102 of the podcast

Subject: Review of TV B Gone
Released:Tuesday 11 July 2006
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0102.mp3 (6.2 MB)

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Short info

Shut off just about any TV set! The TV-B-Gone turns off virtually any television. Small enough to carry on your key ring It can turn off 90% of all TV's 17 seconds. The range: 20 to 50 feet (7 to 17 m), depending on the make and model of the TV. It contains 209 turn-off codes. The regular version works on TVs in US, Canada, Mexico, and many Asian countries. A European version also available! Lithium batteries included (last about 3 months to one year depending on usage) Dimensions: 1.92" x 2.27" x .675" Weight: 26 grams with batteries. There's a new model out now with Instant Reactivation This feature allows you to press the button at any time to restart transmission of all of its infrared codes. Since the codes for the most popular TVs are closest to the beginning of the sequence, you can shut off more TVs faster, without waiting the full 69 seconds, as with the original version. $24.95 If original models are still available, they're about $18.

Detailed information


Multiple TV Remote Control

When the TVs are bothering you, in places you don't want to have the TVs on, use this device to turn them off.  TV-B-Gone has 209 turn-off codes for TVs and can turn off 90% of all TVs in 17 seconds, within a range of 20 to 50 feet.  It works for USA, Canada, Mexico and most Asian countries.  There is a separate European version.

The Big Moustache Show

Dick once went to a pitch meeting for a proposed TV show "The Big Moustache Show".  He was up to his tricks again, this time very devious.

DGW audience number reaches 4 million worldwide

Dick and Leo think they have 2 million listeners in the US alone, and 3 to 4 million worldwide, all said with a straight face, of course.

Imation Clip Drive

USB Flash Drive

Link: Imation

One more gadget from Dick.  A USB Flash Drive, with a clip (for your backpack, belt loop etc, so you don't lose it so easily.  Imation Drive Manager password protection software is included.

Commuting in Dublin

Ian from Dublin, Ireland listens to DGW every day while commuting to work.

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