Daily Giz Wiz 103: Park Zone

Episode 103 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Park Zone
Released:Wednesday 12 July 2006
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Park Zone makes it easy to park in the garage perfectly every time. Installing it is real easy too. Just hang it on your garage wall and mount the ultrasonce sensor at bumper height. Park your car in what you consider the ideal spot and push a button on the ultrasonic sensing device. You've now registered the distance between your bumper and the back wall of the garage. It's a simple one-time only setup. The next time you pull into the garage the Park-Zone acts like a traffic light. When you pull into the garage you'll see the green light illuminated. As you move in it changes to yellow. And when you reach the eact preset park zone, the light turns red. The newest editon called Park-Zone Platinum Edition features Dual Power. It can run from an AC outlet or you can power it with four AA batteries. And it retails for under $30.

Detailed information

An ultrasonic sensor gives you precision parking.  Park Zone monitors the distance between the bumper and the wall where you hang the device and flashes a light to let you know what to do: green to go, amber to proceed with caution, and red to stop.  The new Platinum Edition can run on both AC power or 4 AA batteries.

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