Daily Giz Wiz 105: iSmell

Episode 105 of the podcast

Subject: Review of iSmell
Released:Friday 14 July 2006
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

This was one of the products you just knew would never see the light on day at a retail outlet. The concept itself was so crazy didn’t the folks investing in it think they were throwing their money down the drain. It was a company called DigiScents and the product was called the iSmell. Actually the concept should have been called iSmell failure. iSmell was a shark-fin-shaped device that plugged into a USB port and – get this -- created scents as you surfed smell-enabled Web sites. I think the guy at CES told me it was hooked to several types of smells which were mixed to create the correct smell for the special website you were at, like a perfume website. But my guess is that the skeptical reception it received at CES doomed it before it even made it on to retailer’s shelves.

Detailed information

From CES 2001, the Digiscents iSmell was supposed to hook up to your computer via the USB port and give out a scent (from its 4 scent cartridges) when you surf to a scent-enabled website, such as a perfume site.  It never saw the light of day.  Leo says it was on the front cover of Wired Magazine and was going to be the next best thing.

Iomega Clik Drive/Quadraphonic

A listener Dusan Malectic listens to DGW on his Clik Drive mp3 player (Episode 90) mp3 player, while another does so using his Sansui Quadraphonic (Episode 50) amplifier.

DGW Audience Number reaches new high

Dick estimates it's 450 million, with a dash of puffery allowed by the FCC.

Philips amBX

Ambient Experience
Link: Philips amBX
Link: Products Range
Dick also went to a Philips "Christmas in July" presentation, in which they presented a computer game kit that consisted of rumble wrist pads and fans.
While it may have sounded fanciful, this kit has now become the Philips amBX which includes sound speaker-lights, a set of fans and wrist rumbler.

Philips has a few webistes dedicated to this new amBX idea and its peripherals.  AmBX stands for Ambient Experience.

Philips did a demo of a giant version of the amBX.  There's also a demo by Gizmodo.

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