Daily Giz Wiz 106: Intuitive Shower Curtain

Episode 106 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Intuitive Shower Curtain
Released:Monday 17 July 2006
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:DGW-106.mp3 (7.4 MB)
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Short info

First, the winners of the 100th Daily GizWiz “word” game.

Detailed information

Learn while you shower.  SAT top 100 vocabulary, SAT Maths, Spanish vocabulary etc.

It's "Warehouse"!

The word for the 100th Episode contest is "warehouse".  Also find out what the wackier answers were.

Did you know?

When Warner acquired Mad, Bill Gaines managed to get a clause into the contract to the effect that Gaines would retain the right to be unreasonable - which he slipped in when he signed the final draft.

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