Daily Giz Wiz 113: Capresso Coffee Makers

Episode 113 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Capresso Coffee Makers
Released:Wednesday 26 July 2006
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

The Capresso CoffeeTeam Therm is the only combination machine with a burr grinder and a stainless steel Thermal Carafe. (Regular blade grinders heat the beans as they grind and destroy some of the flavor.) Just pour in the beans, program the time and the amount of coffee to be ground and CoffeeTEAM does the rest. A stainless steel thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot for hours. Program the amount of coffee you want to grind, choose the number of cups (4, 6, 8 or 10) and select mild, regular or strong and you’re set. You can even program two completely different settings, one for manual operation and one for automatic operation. There are four fineness settings for light to dark beans, the lighter the bean, the finer the setting. And the grinding and brewing are separated, keeping moisture away from the grinder. It also makes cleaning up after brewing simple. I tried one of those pots that grinds the beans and then sends the water through the grinder. What a mess to clean. You have to disassemble everything after each brewing cycle! The CoffeeTEAM grinds the programmed amount of beans directly into the filter. Then the filter automatically swings forward and the brewing process begins. It not only makes excellent coffee, it’s fun to watch! The brewed coffee enters the carafe through the closed lid. For serving just turn the lid’s dot to the pouring spout. After serving close the lid again to preserve temperature and aroma..An AM/PM Programmable Clock/Timer lets you set the time when to grind and brew automatically. And its high tech looking too, with an illuminated black-on-white display. $299.99.

Detailed information

A burr grinder coffee machine, with timer functions.  Wake up and your cup of coffee is ready.  Unlike blade grinders, burr grinders do not heat up the beans and so do not cause the beans to lose some of their flavours during the process.  The Thermal Carafe underneath keeps the coffee hot.

Caffeine Free Diet

Leo has been told by his doctor to keep off coffee.  He now drinks tea.

Betamax Stack

An Australian listener writes in to say that he once had a cassette tape flipper which used the same idea as the Betamax Stack (Episode 30).


In addition to providing a translation service for Dick, Leo now even corrects Dick's grammar.
Sound Effects
Dick once had a recording contract for sound effects.

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