Daily Giz Wiz 119: Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

Episode 119 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
Released:Thursday 3 August 2006
Length:about 22 minutes
Download file:dgw0119.mp3 (10 MB)

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Short info

The Logitech G15 Keyboard offers 18 programmable keys, a built-in auxiliary display, and advanced software sp a gamer can set up custom game commands. Under $100.

Detailed information

The Logitech G15 is a large keyboard designed for gamers with many programmable keys for special gaming or other commands, and LED backlit LCD.  The LED screen can be programmed to display in-game information or data from other applications. Or use the LCD screen as convenient digital clock when you're not using the computer. There's an analogue clock display option too.

DGW reaches new heights

Audience has reached 87 million in the US and 1.2 billion worldwide.

Wacky Gadgets from the Audience

Listeners have started emailing Dick about weird gadgets, such as the Nokia-Logitech cellphone-mouse, the Availabot, and a Japanese baseball player (Tsuyoshi Shinjo) wearing a scrolling LED belt buckle.  At the end of August, anyone who has a weird gadget published on Dick's website can enter a draw for Kingston Data Traveller II Plus with Migo Software.

Auction Result for Model 100

Oh, no! Leo's bid was beaten by a buck.

The Sinclair

Mike from Folsom, California wants to donate his Sinclair computer to Dick's Gadget Warehouse.

Mad Pen

A Swedish edition of a Mad pen went for $686 on eBay.

Dick and Leo get rich ...

Frank Barnako writes in a column in CBS MarketWatch that TWiT, which has about 4 million downloads a month, should be making $1 million a year!

Alfred E Neuman needs a blog

That's what Leo says.  In due course, Alfred does get one, at My Space, World Of Mad.  Leo has a blog here on Vox, too, at leoville.vox.com.

Coming Soon: The Key Buoy

Dick has just been to a marine accessories show and is going to test a gadget called the Key Buoy (coming up in Episode 149).

Credit to Paul Minshall

The new Gravy Jingle was composed and recorded by Paul Minshall from Vancouver.


A listener writes in to correct Dick and Leo: Tuvalu should be pronounced tu-VA-lu, not TU-va-lu.

Another record

At 21 minutes and 45 seconds, this overtakes Episode 103 as the longest DGW so far.

Check out the wacky gadgets below: Nokia-Logitech Cellphone mouse (Pyrofer), Nokia-Logitech LCD mouse (Metku.net), Availabot (Schulze & Webb), scrolling LED belt buckle as worn by Tsuyoshi Shinjo in action (about half-way through the video).
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