Daily Giz Wiz 124: iHome2Go

Episode 124 of the podcast

Subject: Review of iHome2Go
Released:Thursday 10 August 2006
Length:about 10 minutes
Download file:dgw0124.mp3 (4.7 MB)

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Short info

The iHome 2Go portable alarm clock station for iPods and iPod Shuffles is relatively inexpensive and sounds pretty good. As little as $80.

Detailed information

iHome2Go is another iPod acessory, a portable speaker system with a dock for all iPods (including the Shuffle) and an alarm clock, so you can wake up (or sleep) to the sound of your music.  Comes in a travel case, with a remote control.  Black, white or silver.  Runs on 4 AA batteries, or AC, and the dock acts as a charger when it's connected to AC.

Waking up to the sound of DGW

Jan from Germany now sets DGW to play in the morning to wake him up.

It's Official

Paul Minshall's gravy jingle is now the official jingle for DGW.

Jingle from Dougall

Leo plays a jingle by Dougall/Dugal from Australia - an echoed version of Leo/Dick singing "It makes its own gravy" and "I'll be here".

Album Art

Leo mentions that at the request of some listeners, he's put a picture of the gadget, instead of Dick's smiling face, into the album art.  It started with Episode 121.

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