Daily Giz Wiz 130: Data Play

Episode 130 of the podcast

Data Play
Subject: Review of Data Play
Released:Friday 18 August 2006
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0130.mp3 (6.1 MB)

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Short info

From Dick's Gadget Warehouse: This optical storage format was one of the most highly anticipated products at CES 2001. It was named Best product of the Show, but then it never made it to market, although you can still visit the web site at Dataplay.com.

Detailed information

Voted the Best of CES 2001 which may well have been the curse.  An optical disk with a 500MB capacity.  It never took off.

The podcast that makes its own gunplay

Dick and Leo are fearing for their lives, as a listener seems to be getting obsessive with their mispronunciation of Tuvalu.

Mad Magazine Missing Page

There was big scheduling problem for the Da Vinci Code issue of Mad Magazine.  Dick had to re-edit, and leave a page blank.  The missing page will be made available only to DGW listeners.

Mad Minute

Airline Frequent Flyer Bonus Miles.

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