Daily Giz Wiz 135: Casio Wrist Cam

Episode 135 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Casio Wrist Cam
Released:Friday 25 August 2006
Length:about 12 minutes
Download file:dgw0135.mp3 (5.4 MB)

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Short info

From Dick's Gadget Warehouse: another Dick Tracy watch, the Casio Wrist Cam.

Detailed information

The Casio Wrist Cam was a watch with a digital camera (1MB memory).  120x120 greyscale pictures.  CES 2000.  You could synchronise assign your pictures to the internal phone book contacts.

Dick's Estate

Leo wants to be Dick's executor and auction off his remains and gadgets.  Wishful thinking.  Dick just wants to be thrown into the Hudson River, after his cremation.

Brooklyn Accent

Dick and Leo have fun talking about Dick's Brooklyn accent.

The Vatican Is Back ...

... subscribing, maybe.

Mad Minute

Alfco's Health and Racket Clubs.

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