Daily Giz Wiz 146: Leap Frog Little Leaps

Episode 146 of the podcast

Leap Frog Little Leaps
Subject: Review of Leap Frog Little Leaps
Released:Monday 11 September 2006
Length:about 21 minutes
Download file:dgw0146.mp3 (9.6 MB)

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Short info

Kids too young for school? They can still learn at home starting at 9 months thanks to Leap Frog's Little Leaps Learning System. Under $40.

Detailed information

Interactive learning system for babies and toddlers from LeapFrog.  The Little Leaps Learning System comes with CDs for Baby Mode and Toddler Mode.

Weird Gadgets

Leo draws the 3 winners whose weird gadgets appeared on Dick's website.  They are Larry Blakeley, Carl from Richmond, BC, Canada (a regular contributor to DGW), and Bill Erikson, who will each get a USB flash drive with Migo software (Episode 100).  Dick also gives a prize to Sinclair for the sheer number of gadgets he contributed.

Mad Minute

Whirlwind Rock Tour from Alfred E Neuman.

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