Daily Giz Wiz 149: Keybuoy

Episode 149 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Keybuoy
Released:Thursday 14 September 2006
Length:about 22 minutes
Download file:dgw0149.mp3 (10.4 MB)

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Short info

The self-inflating Key Buoy from Davis Instruments ends the nightmare of keys dropped overboard. About $7.

Detailed information

Dick and Leo call the Key Buoy a marvel of engineering.  If you go boating and accidentally drop your keys into the sea, the key buoy will expand and eject an upright 14" bright orange air tube above the water.  Dick and Leo have great fun talking about this gadget.  They will be having more fun with it when Dick shows this gadget on Call For Help Episode 445.
Warning from Dick and Leo: If the bright orange 14" tube stays up for more than 4 hours, you should call your doctor.

Family Feud in Family Fortune

A UK listener wrote in about hilarious answers from Family Fortune, the UK equivalent of Family Feud.
Dick recants the story that Richard Dawson could not stop laughing in Family Feud, at an answer to the question: "In what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?"  For more Family Feud dumb answers, see Episode 103.

The Greatest Game Show of All Time

Match Game was recently voted the greatest game show of all time, on the Game Show Network.

Emmy Talents

Dick was twice nominated for an Emmy Award for game show writing.  Leo actually received an Emmy Award (Regional) for his Dev Null character, when he forgot to thank his wife Jennifer in his acceptance speech.

Longest Show

There is a lot to talk about on this show, and it's the longest DGW so far, at 22:17.

Mad Minute

A repeat of an interview with Vanilla White.

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