Daily Giz Wiz 150: Casio Wrist Remote Control

Episode 150 of the podcast

Casio Wrist Remote Control
Subject: Review of Casio Wrist Remote Control
Released:Friday 15 September 2006
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse, Casio's Remote Control Wrist Watch. Never misplace the TV remote again!

Detailed information

Operate your TV, VCR or other infrared remote devices with this Casio Wrist Remote Controller, in addition to Casio's usual watch functions.  It stored data for up to 16 functions.

Dick scoffs ...

... at TWiT, Inside the Net and Security Now.  This is the sesquicentennial episode of DGW, far ahead of Leo's other podcasts.  Leo says Dick labours in the vineyards of excess - 30 weeks of podcasting goodness.

FedEx Calls Again

While Leo is doing the Visa commercial, Dick's doorbell rang.  It's a delivery by FedEx of a Saitek gadget.

The Woz

13-year-old listener Oren asked Leo if Steve Wozniak would be appearing in any more TWiTs.  Leo will be on a MacMania cruise with Woz and for Oren, he will make sure that he does an interview with Woz and asks Woz about his gadgets, such as his Nixie Watch, or his old-style Western Electric dial phone converted into a cellphone.  Oren also asks if listeners could leave recorded messages to Dick and Leo.  Leo suggests Odeo.

Mad Minute

Alfco's Health and Racket Club.  Another repeat.
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