Daily Giz Wiz 154: Faucet Light

Episode 154 of the podcast

Faucet Light
Subject: Review of Faucet Light
Released:Thursday 21 September 2006
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Light up your sink with the faucet light from Johnson Smith.

Detailed information

Things-You-Never-Knew-Existed Thursday
The LED light comes on when the tap runs, and comes off when the water is off.  And the LED light gives your water a crystal blue colour.  The Faucet Light is sold by "Things You Never Knew (Existed)" which used to be "Johnson Smith Company".
Handy to instal, it screws on to the tap.  "This is not the Farah Fawcett light," Leo adds.

Johnson Smith Catalogues

Here are a few links to scanned photos of some of the old catalogues: King Power's Cinema on Flickr, Project B, The-Forum, Chinese Jet Pilot on Flickr.

Mad Genius

Rishi from Trinidad writes in to say the guys at Mad must be geniuses.  And DGW is his favourite podcast, which he listens to before he goes to bed while he nurses his tennis injury.

Mad Minute

A repeat of the Mad Summer Camps.

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