Daily Giz Wiz 157: Wireless RF Remote Control Extender

Episode 157 of the podcast

Wireless RF Remote Control Extender
Subject: Review of Wireless RF Remote Control Extender
Released:Tuesday 26 September 2006
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

On turn the tables Tuesday, a simple device that turns nearly any infrared remote control into an RF remote. A very clever device for just $49.

Detailed information

Extend the range of your infrared remote control with this RF Remote Control Extender.  Dick didn't know about it, and thought Leo was going to talk about the Kameleon 8 RF.

Leo's advice on HDMI cables ...

... The cheap cables work just as well.

Multi-purpose DGW

DGW seems to work for everyone.  Its soporific qualities put Eric from Scotts Valley to sleep when he has a bout of insomnia.

Can't keep a Mad Minute down

Because the original audio was heavily compressed, the Mad Minutes still sound very loud even though Leo has kept the levels down.

Mad Minute

A repeat of Alfco's new division, Tax Accountants.

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