Daily Giz Wiz 158: Davis Instrument's Car Chip

Episode 158 of the podcast

Davis Instrument's Car Chip
Subject: Review of Davis Instrument's Car Chip
Released:Wednesday 27 September 2006
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

Monitor your teenager's driving (or yours) with the Car Chip from Davis Instruments

Detailed information

Connect this Car Chip by Davis Instruments to your car's computer, and it will store hours of information about the car such as speed, acceleration, braking etc.  Great for monitoring your children's driving habits.

Leo gets out of line again ...

... and calls Dick the King of the Cheesy Gadgets.  Hey, watch your step, Leo!

Key Buoy

The key buoy will soon have a chance to show itself off on Call For Help.

Letters Jingles

Leo has received other submissions and he might rotate them in future.

We Get Letters

A listener called Shorty explains "We Get Letters" is from the Perry Como Show, sung by Ray Charles and the Raylettes.  See the blog entry at Episode 151.  Leo points out that Paul Shaffer on the David Letterman Show does a derivative version.  Dick says they don't do anything derivative, they do hommage, or rip-offs.

Inspiration from DGW

Axis from South Africa has been inspired by DGW and wants to do his own podcast.

Mad Minute

Another repeat of Alfco's new car rental service.

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