Daily Giz Wiz 163: Senseo Supreme

Episode 163 of the podcast

Senseo Supreme
Subject: Review of Senseo Supreme
Released:Wednesday 4 October 2006
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

How do you top the smooth coffee brewing Senseo? The Senseo Supreme. $140.

Detailed information

A smart-looking stainless steel design.  A larger reservoir enables four 8-ounce cups.  The Senseo Supreme has its own line of coffee pods, including Cappuccino, Sumatra and Arabica.  First mentioned in Episode 139.

Arabica and Abacus

Dick thinks that arabica is the thing the Chinese used for totting up.  That's right, and the Chinese use the abacus for making tea.

Senseo Pods

Senseo was a featured product in the early days of Pod-casting, on the Adam Curry shows.

A late discovery by a listener

George from the UK has discovered an MP3 player that you plug into the cigarette lighter in the car.  Yes, it's called the Roadmaster FM Modulator (Episode 153).

Single Purpose

For coffee lovers, go to www.singleservecoffee.com.

One more for the statistician

The first time that Dick sneezes on the show.

We Get Letters again ...

Cory Bow from Taiwan says that since the David Letterman Show stole the We Get Letters theme first from the Perry Como Show, Dick and Leo have no need to worry.  Dick says they only use things that are pre-stolen.  Just like the gravy slogan.  Leo then makes some scandalous remark about the folks in Taiwan.  The audience number plummets immediately by 22 million.

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