Daily Giz Wiz 165: MH1-1

Episode 165 of the podcast

Subject: Review of MH1-1
Released:Friday 6 October 2006
Length:about 21 minutes
Download file:dgw0165.mp3 (9.8 MB)

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Short info

Here's a gadget that didn't make it, but probably should have, the MH1 remote temperature detector.

Detailed information

Also the September '06' WTHII gadget.  Point the MH-1 to the object for which you want to measure the temperature, push the red button, and the temperature will be displayed on the screen.  MH-1 stands for Must Have One.  From tandem4.com, which has now disappeared.

Testing the USB Beverage Chiller

The soda on Dick's USB beverage chiller (Episode 128) is 56℉.  It works!  Dick and Leo talk about other thermometers, including the thermometer monitor from a Juvenile Products Show that Dick went to.

Gadgets one can't do without

Fred Gruhn from Kansas City wrote in about the Roomba Discovery Vacuuming Robot which he cannot do without.

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