Daily Giz Wiz 179: Samsung K5

Episode 179 of the podcast

Samsung K5
Subject: Review of Samsung K5
Released:Thursday 26 October 2006
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

What's it going to take to beat the iPod? How about an MP3 player with built-in speakers and a cool form factor. Samsung's K5 has a lot to like for $249.

Detailed information

The YP-K5 from Samsung is another MP3 player from its Yepp line.  It's the size of a cellphone, but the main feature is that it flips open to reveal its stereo speakers which has decent sound quality.  It's also an alarm clock, with snooze function.

HDMI Cable

A listener Will from www.namebrandhandle.net found an HDMI cable for $12 on www.allelectronics.com.  Another listener had directed Dick to Woot which was selling an upscaling DVD player for $45 which comes with an HDMI cable.


Leo explains the idea of Woot, like restaurants with one table.  Leo's wife is going to take Leo on his upcoming birthday to a 3 Michelin stars restaurant, with like 4 tables, called the French Laundry.

The Death of a TWiT Server

Don't worry, Leo's still alive.  One of the TWiT servers died last week which gave Leo hell.  Leo is going on a cruise next week.  He will upload all 5 episodes before he goes, and asks listeners not to gorge themselves on all 5 in a row, or they will become gizwizless very soon.

Mad Minute

Alfred E Neuman's new Instant Spot Remover.

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