Daily Giz Wiz 185: StarTac Clip-On Organizer

Episode 185 of the podcast

StarTac Clip-On Organizer
Subject: Review of StarTac Clip-On Organizer
Released:Friday 3 November 2006
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse, the ultimate add-on for the first really cool cell phone.

Detailed information

Back in 1999, this Organizer piggy-backed on to the popular StarTac and allowed you to call a contact from the organiser.  One-touch dialling!  It could store 1,000 contacts.  It also added a huge bulk to the StarTac.  Dick's Clip-On Organizer is still in a sealed box.

Out with the garbage

Matthijs from Holland listens to DGW using the Sennheiser HDR140 wireless headset while taking his garbage out to a collection point 80 metres away with good reception.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Leo refers to a funny youtube video called "Can You Hear Me Now?".
[play video]

Henry Got Busted

Leo's son Henry is in court today to answer a charge for having failed to wear an elbow pad in a skating ring.  That gets Dick into a David Brenner story, and 2 repeat stories about the police.

I'll Be Here

Leo steals Dick's line!

Mad Minute

Interview of Dr Salmonella at the St Nowhere Hospital.

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