Daily Giz Wiz 186: USB Cell

Episode 186 of the podcast

USB Cell
Subject: Review of USB Cell
Released:Monday 6 November 2006
Length:about 19 minutes
Download file:dgw0186.mp3 (8.7 MB)

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Short info

USB Cell: a NiMH battery that recharges via USB - neat!

Detailed information

The USB Cell is an AA-size battery, but rechargeable via USB.  When the battery runs out, flip open the green cap, which exposes a USB plug, and recharge it via the USB port of a computer.  While charging, the green LED lights up, which goes off when the battery is fully charged.  The capacity is 1300mAH.

Cruise and Train Ride

Leo is back from his MacMania V Caribbean cruise, and Dick has just come back from his weekend train ride at Steamtown, Scranton.  Dick looks pale and harried because he's just had a visit fron his attorneys Hale and Harry.

Did you know?

The steam locomotive is the only invention by man where all the moving parts are on the outside.

Letter Revisited

Dick re-read the letter from Graham of Luxembourg (already read in Episode 171).  The only letter that gets read twice on DGW, so far.


Michael Marilyn wrote in about the gadget heralded by Steve Jobs recently at the Showtime Apple Event (Episode 152).  It's the iCarta iPod Toilet Paper Dispenser.


Another listener, I.A., told us about the iGlow, the glow-in-the-dark self-illuminating hair gel.


For WTHII winners outside North America, Dick and Leo will do anything for you on the show, including proposing to your girlfriend.

October '06 WTHII

It's the CD Lift, for lifting CDs out the the jewel case.  No one got this one.  Not even WTHII expert Marked, not even with his advanced algorithm for getting answers for WTHII.

Mad Minute

Tabloids front page headlines.

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