Daily Giz Wiz 188: Kingston K-PEX 100

Episode 188 of the podcast

Kingston K-PEX 100
Subject: Review of Kingston K-PEX 100
Released:Wednesday 8 November 2006
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0188.mp3 (7.5 MB)

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Short info

Kingston's first media player, the K-PEX 100, sports 1 or 2GB, a two-inch screen, and plays audio, photos, and video.

Detailed information

The K-PEX stands for Kingston Personal Entertainment Xperience.  1 or 2 GB model, 2" screen, mini-SD card slot, plays multimedia, including ogg files.
Dick didn't think there was a memory card slot, but then he was looking at another gadget.

Speed Reading

Dick and Bill Gaines took the Evelyn Wood speed reading course.  Listen to how they fared in the speed reading tests.  Now Dick doesn't read books.

DGW Formula

Dick and Leo have got DGW down to a fine art.  They follow a set format.  It's a podcast that no one cares to copy.

Happy Birthday ...

... to whoever it is.  Dick has misplaced the email.

Don't bust a gut

DGW health warning: 2 episodes of DGW a day, max.  Poor Claude listened to 4 episodes of DGW in a row. Half-way through 4th one, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and had to be taken to the emergency ward.  It turned out he had busted a gut.

Mad Minute

Mad threats.

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