Daily Giz Wiz 199: Xcuse Box

Episode 199 of the podcast

Xcuse Box
Subject: Review of Xcuse Box
Released:Thursday 23 November 2006
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0199.mp3 (7.5 MB)

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Short info

Gotta get off the phone in a hurry? Use the Xcuse Box. 10 minute-long recordings on a key chain will make those excuses believable.

Detailed information

Get out of those annoying calls with a choice of 10 excuses.  It's the "Get Me Off The Phone" Excuse Machine (Episode 46) revived.

It's Thanksgiving

Listen to how Dick spends Thanksgiving every year, now and when he was young, and what his favourite desserts are.

Sara Fowler

Jason Arber says Sara Fowler does not have a Wikipedia entry and she should have one.  Everyone is emailing Dick this NYT article about her getting married.  She went to Russia with her husband Brian Fiedman who worked for Associated Press, but Dick has lost contact with her for the last 3 years.

Not just a pretty face

Dick and Sara did some sound effects for a company called Valentino.  They made a few hundred dollars.  Dick made a bit more by taking them on to his boat and recording more sound effects.  So Dick is not just a pretty face after all.

Cheque's in the mail

The T-Mobile cheque is in the mail, Leo has been informed.

Mad Minute

Radio shopping network.

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