Daily Giz Wiz 211: Candle Impressions

Episode 211 of the podcast

Candle Impressions
Subject: Review of Candle Impressions
Released:Monday 11 December 2006
Length:about 12 minutes
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Short info

Fire safe and still beautiful flameless candles from Candle Impressions.

Detailed information

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Authentic-looking battery-operated scented wax candles with flickering lights.  Some even with timer functions.  No more worries about smoke and fire.  Can be used indoors or outdoors, and very decorative.  Dick and Leo saw the first version of these Flameless Candles together at a show, which Leo referred to back in Episode 9.  Leo and his wife Jennifer love these candles.


Another gadget delivery by Fedex while recording the show.  It's from LifeGear, a 6-in-1 personal safety device, which is in due course covered in Episode 249.

The First Noel ...

Happy Birthday to 9-year-old Noel, fan of DGW, Debian Linux user, singer of the GizWiz jingle, and chanter of the gravy slogan.  And to Leo's sister Eva, too.

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