Daily Giz Wiz 215: Microsoft Bob

Episode 215 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Microsoft Bob
Released:Friday 15 December 2006
Length:about 10 minutes
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Short info

Microsoft is always working to make their software easier to use. Sometimes they go too far and end up with a patronizing stew no one wants to use. Like Microsoft Bob.

Detailed information

Released in 1995, Microsoft Bob was intended to provide a user-friendly interface to computers.  One of Microsoft's more notable failures.
Dick thinks that along with the Audrey (Episode 120), Microsoft belongs to the "I didn't want it" classification in the Gadget Warehouse catalogue.
However, Dick and Leo are sure that someone will write in to say how much he loved Microsoft Bob.

Mail Order Rip-Offs

There is a market for everything.  Dick showed, in the Mail Order Rip-Offs feature on Regis, a set of 3 designer mirrors on a mail order catalogue (pictured in a living room), which turned out to be a miniature set.  People wrote in to ask where they could get them.

Welcome to the Social

A 23-year-old listener wrote, in response to Leo's request in Episode 202, about the meaning of the social in the Zune Slogan.  He has absolutely no idea what Microsoft means.

Party Effects

Elaine King from Bloomington, Illinois wrote in to tell Leo to get a grip on his party sound effects, and the word "Netcast".

Napoleon Dynamite

Leo accidentally plays a sound clip, "What the heck are you guys doin'?  Tryin' to ruin my life?  Make me look like a friggin' idiot?"  It's the voice of actor Jon Heder in the film Napoleon Dynamite.  Another "ghost" sound clip after

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