Daily Giz Wiz 222: Flybar 1200

Episode 222 of the podcast

Flybar 1200
Subject: Review of Flybar 1200
Released:Tuesday 26 December 2006
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

It's turn the table Tuesday. This week Leo talks about his Christmas gift to his Extreme Sports son: the ultimate pogo stick, the Flybar 1200.

Detailed information

Link: Flybar
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Not a pneumatic pogostick that can get out of control.  It has strong rubber cords inside (rather like bungee cords) that gives it the bounciness.  The Flybar won one of the Best Of What's New awards of Popular Sicence the previous year.
Leo is very impressed with what the Flybar can do, especially with people doing 180° flips in the air.  180° flips.  Wow, just think about it.

Toy Disasters

Leo tries out toys he buys Henry (for Henry's safety, that's the excuse).  He's had near-death experiences with the Razor Scooter, the Boingee Boots, and skateboards.  Dick suggests Leo try the Carpet Skates.

Best of 2006

DGW is on the iTunes Top 100 podcasts of 2006.

Butter Wizard to the rescue

UK listener Dennis White and his wife Naomi decided (apparently) not to give presents to each other this Hanukkah, but he was beginning to worry about it.  He heard Episode 216 and got the last available Butter Wizard from the website.  On Day 7 of Hanukkah, he gave Naomi the Butter Wizard, and it saved his marriage.

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