Daily Giz Wiz 231: Stanley Fubar

Episode 231 of the podcast

Stanley Fubar
Subject: Review of Stanley Fubar
Released:Monday 22 January 2007
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

What's better than a crowbar? The Stanley Fubar.

Detailed information

Stanley FatMax FuBar
The word fubar is a euphemistic acronym for "F...ed Up Beyond All Recognition" (or similar variants), used in the military.  Stanley Tools has adopted the word as the name of this tool as it can wreck almost anything beyond recognition.

Black & Decker Auto-Wrench
With the push a button this Black & Decker wrench will adjust the width of the opening to any size up to 1¼ inches.  Uses 2 AAA batteries.


Leo wants to get into boating and see the world in a boat.  Dick recommends a trawler.

Ultimate Ears

Carl from beautiful Richmond, BC, recommends earphones from Ultimate Ears.  Leo got his first pair of Ultimate Ears as a prize for Podcasting Person of the Year.  He's just received the new 5Cs and he might review them.  In due course, Leo will review the super.fi earphones (Episode 272).

Jingle Encore

One more thing.  Carl likes the Festive Letters Jingle so much he wants to listen to it again.  Leo obliges.

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