Daily Giz Wiz 232: Slingcatcher

Episode 232 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Slingcatcher
Released:Tuesday 23 January 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0232.mp3 (6.5 MB)

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Short info

It's turn the table Tuesday. Look out Apple TV, the Slingcatcher does more for less.

Detailed information

This product is still in development but was announced at CES 2007.  It works like the Apple TV but unlike the Apple TV, the Slingcatcher is not limited to media playable on iTunes.  You can stream anything from your computer to your TV, rather like the Slingbox in reverse direction.

Dick's TTTT Dilemma

Dick gets requests to slam Leo on TTTT, and gets slammed for doing it.  He's got scolded many times for mocking the spork (Episode 182).


John from West Covina, California notes that the 300th Episode will fall on Friday the 13th, April 2007.  So buckle down with the Hurriquake (Episode 193).  He recommends a DVR that records to compact flash - M-Audio's MicroTrack.

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