Daily Giz Wiz 233: Invisible Shield

Episode 233 of the podcast

Invisible Shield
Subject: Review of Invisible Shield
Released:Wednesday 24 January 2007
Length:about 10 minutes
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Short info

Can your iPod survive a box of nails unscratched? Maybe you should try the Invisible Shield.

Detailed information

Made from a polymer that the military uses to protect helicopter blades, these Invisible Shields from Shield Zone protect your mobile devices from scratches and other surface damage.  Custom-made for various devices including iPods, cellphones, laptops.  Screen only or full body shields available for some models.

The shields come with an application solution which you spray on to your fingers and the shields which makes it easier to position the shield on to the device.


Leo is away from his desk, and so he can't look under it.  No TTTT today.
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Marathon Training

Listener Stratisk listens to DGW on his Sunday run which lasts for over 2 hours.  He is training for a marathon and Dick and Leo are a big part of it.  Talk about endurance.

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