Daily Giz Wiz 24: Power Squid

Episode 24 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Power Squid
Released:Thursday 23 March 2006
Length:about 9 minutes
Download file:dgw0024.mp3 (4 MB)

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Detailed information

PowerSquids give you extra power outlets, with ample space to plug in your chunky transformers, and depending on the model, give you surge protection as well.  Check out the Calamari Edition.

Belkin Lighted USB Cable

Dick loves lighted products, and 2 of the Calamari's outlets do that.  He also likes the Belkin Lighted USB Cable.

Did you know?

Leo now pushes out the podcast every day at 0600 GMT.  Leo is having the TWiT website redesigned, and he's trying get the uploading of shows automated.


Leo: I have jowls; the squid has joules.

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