Daily Giz Wiz 251: See Eye2Eye

Episode 251 of the podcast

See Eye2Eye
Subject: Review of See Eye2Eye
Released:Monday 19 February 2007
Length:about 10 minutes
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Short info

Don't you hate it when people on webcams aren't looking at you but at their screen instead? See Eye2Eye solves the problem by putting the camera where your eyes are. Or something like that.

Detailed information

SeeEye2Eye enables direct eye contact with the person you are chatting with in a video chat or conference.  It is  placed over your own webcam, and a set of mirrors reflect the video image of your friend from your screen on to a beam-splitting glass which sits in front of the webcam, which you can see.  The beam splitter, while showing the video image of your friend, at the same time allows light rays of your own image through to be captured by your webcam.  With extra software, SeeEye2Eye can also be used as a teleprompter.

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Karaoke Version of Letters Jingle

Dave of Birmingham, Alabama, wants Dick and Leo to sing along to the Letters Jingle.  Dick and Leo oblige.

DGW Anniversary Coming Up

Tomorrow is another TTTT, but also the First Anniversary of DGW.

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