Daily Giz Wiz 253: The Databreaker

Episode 253 of the podcast

The Databreaker
Subject: Review of The Databreaker
Released:Wednesday 21 February 2007
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0253.mp3 (8.3 MB)

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Short info

Keep your computer offline when you're not around with The Databreaker.

Detailed information

In place of the Pathlock which has been discontinued, Dick has found the Databreaker which automatically disconnects your always-on broadband internet connection.

Connect (1) your cable modem/DSL cable to the IN port of the Databreaker, (2) an ethernet cable from the OUT port to your computer's ethernet port, (3) your monitor's power cable into the Databreaker, (4) the Manual Override switch into the Databreaker, and  (4) the Databreaker to a wall power outlet.

When your monitor goes to sleep, the Databreaker senses the low power mode and automatically cuts off the internet connection to your computer.  When you need the connection to stay on, the manual override switch disables the Databreaker.


Dick has just come back from the Big Miami Boat Show.  This and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show are the 2 biggest boat shows of the year.

Leo's Dream Boat

Leo is exploring the possibility of getting a boat for himself.  Dick recommends a slow trawler.

Another Gadget Delivery

Another UPS delivery arrives while the show is being recorded.

Acer GridVista

Ken Langsch from Las Vegas wrote about the GridVista software that came along with his Acer 24" monitor and thought it would be a great accompaniment to Leo's Dell 24" Monitor (Episode 242).

Dick's Gadet Warehouse

Many listeners are envious of Leo over his visit to the Gadget Warehouse (Episode 246).  Over 15 years, Leo was about the third person to visit it (and the first one to come out alive).  One listener congratulated Dick and Leo for their special effects which made the virtual gadget warehouse sound more real than ever.

Email from To[s]tino

Dick and Leo got an email from the To[s]tino folks.  Possible sponsorship?  Payment in kind - all you can eat.  This is where the begging for sponsorship begins.

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