Daily Giz Wiz 255: The Brannock Device

Episode 255 of the podcast

The Brannock Device
Subject: Review of The Brannock Device
Released:Friday 23 February 2007
Length:about 16 minutes
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Invented and patented by Charles Brannock in 1926, the Brannock Device has survived the ages in more or less the same form.

Dick and Leo explain the Brannock Device's connections with a marine song, patent leather and other jingles.

Stanley Fubar

A listener had fun with the Stanley Fubar (Episode 231) which he saw at Lowe's.  He adjured Dick to belittle Leo on TTTT.

The Acela

Leo enjoyed the train ride on the Acela from New York to Providence, where he met a stuffed animal salesman.  First class.

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