Daily Giz Wiz 261: Commute Mate Flameless Flare

Episode 261 of the podcast

Commute Mate Flameless Flare
Subject: Review of Commute Mate Flameless Flare
Released:Monday 5 March 2007
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0261.mp3 (6.1 MB)

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Short info

Why light a flare that burns out in half an hour or so when you can switch one on that lasts for many hours? It's the Commutemate Flameless Flare Roadside flare 2000.

Detailed information

Also branded as the CommuteMate Safety Wand, the Flameless Flare works on 2 AAA batteries and gives out an red LED light as a warning signal that can be seen from 1000 feet, when your motor-car has broken down in the middle of a highway at night.  It has a magnetic base which can attach itself securely to any metal surface.

Star Trek Experience

Dick once introduced on TV a virtual train ride at the Hilton Hotel in Vegas.  Dick called it The Star Trek Experience, and he was admonished by the Hilton PR lady for not giving the ride its correct title - "Star Trek - The Experince".

Nandito Ako

Brian Alvarez from Manila, the Philippines wants Dick to say "I'll Be Here" in Tagalog - Nandito Ako.  Dick and Leo can't find a sound file on the net for nandito ako, and Dick tries his best Tagalog accent.

There's a song called Nandito Ako by Thalia, and here's the "nandito ako" clip from it.

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