Daily Giz Wiz 262: Archos 404

Episode 262 of the podcast

Archos 404
Subject: Review of Archos 404
Released:Tuesday 6 March 2007
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0262.mp3 (7.7 MB)

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Short info

On this edition of Turn the Tables Tuesday, the Archos 404 media player and camcorder.

Detailed information

Apart from the usual PMP functions, the Archos 404 Camcorder records video in MPEG-4 (640 x 480 resolution) on to the 30GB hard drive.  3.5" LCD display (320 x 240), 16 million colours.  3.09" x 3" x 0.59" dimensions.

Countries with Smallest Populations

Listener Chris Peterson was going to throw away a book until he noticed on one page a list of countries with the smallest populations.  No.1 is the Vatican, and at No.2 is - Tuvalu.  No offence to another listener who gave Chris the book - Don Hepplemann.

Saving Leo

Dick turns up on The Tech Guy to save the show and now Leo says he has too many contributors.  That's gratitude for ya!

February '07 WTHII

Last month's What The Heck Is It gadget was the Hip-Clip Bottle Holder.

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