Daily Giz Wiz 269: Temperature Faucet Light

Episode 269 of the podcast

Temperature Faucet Light
Subject: Review of Temperature Faucet Light
Released:Thursday 15 March 2007
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0269.mp3 (8 MB)

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Short info

Why guess if the water is hot when you can make it glow blue or red with the Temperature faucet light.

Detailed information

A new version of the Faucet Light (Episode 154).  Now it streams blue LED light up to 89°C, beyond which it streams red LED light.

Father And Son Team

Young Rowan Ajenstatt has been listening since the 200th Episode and has bought Absolutely Mad (Episode 214).  Dick and Leo give a shout to his father Frank who has been listening since Episode 1.

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