Daily Giz Wiz 270: Iomega Peerless Drive

Episode 270 of the podcast

Iomega Peerless Drive
Subject: Review of Iomega Peerless Drive
Released:Friday 16 March 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

From the gadget warehouse, the Iomega Peerless drive.

Detailed information

First appearing at CES 2001, the Peerless Drive had 2 models, 10GB or 20GB, and a USB connection.  It sounded a great idea at the time, but the product never took off due to falling prices of hard drives and other high-capacity storage options.


The Tech Guy is now on XM Radio as well.

Real Talkin' Bubba Revisited

Dick re-reads the letter from Chris, from Creston, Iowa (Episode 254) about Real Talkin' Bubba (Episode 246).  Neither Dick nor Leo remembers having read the letter.

Investment Decision

Dick is going to buy into that new stock called the Internet through his agent Chuck Schwab.

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