Daily Giz Wiz 279: HP Printing Mailbox

Episode 279 of the podcast

HP Printing Mailbox
Subject: Review of HP Printing Mailbox
Released:Thursday 29 March 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

For friends and family who want to receive your email and pictures but don't want the complexity of a computer there's the Presto Printing Mailbox

Detailed information

This gadget is a great idea for folks who do not have a computer but want to receive emails.  Join the Presto service which will give you an email address, and when an email is sent to that address, the HP Printing Mailbox, which is a colour printer connected to a phone line, will print out the emails and attachments.  It's like a real mailbox right in your house.

Crazy Calls

Scott from TA has sent in a link for the old TV commercial for Crazy Calls.

Gadget Collection

Steve Miller from Westerville, Ohio has bought the following since listening to DGW: Sanyo Xacti HD1a, OpenX, Buddha Machine, Titanium Spork (x4), iTurbo, Invisible Shield, 6-in-1 Personal Safety Device (x3), Xpower Powersource Mobile 100, Dell WFP 24" Monitor, NewerTech USB2 Universal Drive Adapter, Spion Spy Voice Recorder, Slingbox, PowerSquid, Gorillapod, and Absolutely Mad.
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