Daily Giz Wiz 28: Irock X-Slim

Episode 28 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Irock X-Slim
Released:Wednesday 29 March 2006
Length:about 9 minutes
Download file:dgw0028.mp3 (4 MB)

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Detailed information

Keyboards Galore!!!
i-Rocks X-Slim Electron Luminescence Keyboard


Link: i-Rocks

Ergonomic design, responsive keys, and LED-lit, with models for Mac and Windows.

Logisys Phone-Smart LED Keyboard


Link: LogisysComputer

The numeric keypad lights up when your cellphone rings.

The Warm Keyboard


Link: Warm Keyboard

Keep your fingers warm and agile while you type.  The Warm Keyboard comes with an AC adapter to keep it heated.

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