Daily Giz Wiz 280: Okidata Dox Matrix Printer

Episode 280 of the podcast

Okidata Dox Matrix Printer
Subject: Review of Okidata Dox Matrix Printer
Released:Friday 30 March 2007
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

From the gadget warehouse, state of the art printing - circa 1990: The Okidata Dot Matrix.

Detailed information

From 1984 (and Dick still has the original receipt), the Okidata 92 printer cost $699, and the cable cost $60.  The paper for printing (with the sheets all attached together but perforated) cost $19.95.

Dick also refers to the Okimate 20 which was an early attempt at colour printing.

NewerTech Universal Drive Adapter

The USB2 Universal Drive Adapter (Episode 267) recommended by Leo has proved to be popular.  Steve Miller has bought one, so has Listener Joel who is an independent computer technician.  It saves him from unscrewiing the hard drives from the drive bays.

[play video]

The Hindenburg

Learn about the Hindenburg Disaster from Dick and Leo, and Bill Gaines's interest in the German air-ship.  Leo plays a aduio clip of Herbert Morrison's live report at the time.


While looking for the Hindenburg radio clip, a voice says "Please type your message in the text box and let me say it".  Leo must have run into one of ads by SitePal.

Brannock Device

Dr Mark Sukoenig from Syracuse writes in about the Brannock Device (Episode 255).  Syracuse was where the Park-Brannock Shoe Store started (and Carrier Air-Conditioners as well), and when he was young, he and his family would have been served by people in the store including Charles Brannock himself.

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