Daily Giz Wiz 282: Toothpick Bird

Episode 282 of the podcast

Toothpick Bird
Subject: Review of Toothpick Bird
Released:Tuesday 3 April 2007
Length:about 18 minutes
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Link: Archie McPhee

100 Episodes after the Titanium Spork ...

... Leo manages to surpass himself.  From Archie McPhee, the Toothpick Bird is a modern reproduction of a 1958 original.  You push down the head of the woodpecker and it will pick up a toothpick ready for you.

Archie McPhee sells many other wacky items, including the Bleak Wristbands, Bacon Strips Bandages, Gummy Bacon and What Would Bacon Do?

Naturally Dick is not impressed.

Poopside Down Adventure

Dick has the last 20 years of Mad in bound volumes.  The best-selling issue of Mad was February 1972 that sold 1.8 million copies.  In that issue, Dick did a parody of The Poseidon Adventure called the Poopside Down AdventureIrwin Allen bought 300 copies.

The Knork

Carol from Connecticut says, forget the Spork.  Get the Knork.  Dick and Leo think someone should make a Spknork.

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