Daily Giz Wiz 283: ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels

Episode 283 of the podcast

ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels
Subject: Review of ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels
Released:Wednesday 4 April 2007
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

Forget what's plugged where, and which adapter goes to which device? Try the Spoon Sisters' ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels.

Detailed information

A suggestion by a listener David Sexton from New Jersey, these Spoon Sisters Wire Identification Labels are stickers that come in different packages with pictorial icons which you put on to wires, plugs and adapters.  Now when you need to unplug a particular electrical appliance or computer accessory, you know exactly which wire to unplug.

Okidata Dot Matrix Printers

The Okidata 92 (Episode 280) has generated a ton of emails.  Eric points out that dot matric printers are still commonly used in banks and credit unions, as they can produce carbon copies.  Mark from Twin Lake, Michigan, says dot matrix printouts last forever.  Zach from Valley View, Texas says they are definitely still in use, and the last time he saw one in use was in 2004.

Leo remembers the IBM Selectric Ball Typewriters, and wants a giant ball (Delegate 96).

Inflation Calculator

Greg notes that the $821 Dick paid for his Okidata set in 1984 would be equivalent to $1625 now, in 2007, according to the Inflation Calculator of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.  His family purchased a Zenith 25" TV for $999 in 1968, which would be $1,505 today.  Leo got $5 pocket money, and that's what Henry gets as well!

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