Daily Giz Wiz 285: Serafin Boitel's Wild About Dogs

Episode 285 of the podcast

Serafin Boitel's Wild About Dogs
Subject: Review of Serafin Boitel's Wild About Dogs
Released:Friday 6 April 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:DGW-285.mp3 (6.7 MB)
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Short info

Make food for you and your dog with Serafin Boitel's Wild About Dogs - not available in any store, just in Dick's Gadget Warehouse!

Detailed information

Dog Care Video

Wild About Dogs was a series of videos about dog care including dog food. It contains some recipes by Serafin Boitel which are suitable for humans too!

Old Letters Jingle

Eric from Tallahassee, Florida has been listening since Episode 1 and still can't get enough of DGW.  He misses the old letters jingle before Leo signed up the Jingle Singers, which cracked him up every time.  Leo plays every jingle he can find, including the gravy jingle submissions by Pat/Hagen Mricek and Dugal.
The one Eric is asking for may be the Finnish submission by fellow podcaster Henrich Antonin, the MIDI jingle, which was played between Episode 151 and Episode 160.

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