Daily Giz Wiz 289: PetSafe MicroID Rescue Collar

Episode 289 of the podcast

PetSafe MicroID Rescue Collar
Subject: Review of PetSafe MicroID Rescue Collar
Released:Thursday 12 April 2007
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

The PetSafe MicroID Rescue Collar is a USB device that any computer can read.

Detailed information

A rescue collar that has attached to it a USB flash drive which stores identification information on your favourite pet, including your contact details,in case your pet has got lost.  You enter what information you choose on to the USB flash drive, and the finder of your pet can plug the drive into a computer and see how to contact you.  If you prefer, you can also join a service offered by PetSafe which gives you an 800 number which people can call if you don't feel comfortable about leaving your contacts on the USB drive.
This gadget is also available at Pet Gadgets.


Ramp for Pets
Link: Ramp4Paws
A ramp to make it easier for your pets to get on to your vehicle, or negotiate steps.  Especially good if you have an aging pet, a weak pet fresh out of surgery, or simply a vehicle that sits high above the ground, like an SUV.
Ramp4Paws is a catenated series of strong links and hinges that roll up into a cylinder for easy storage and carriage.  It comes in a washable nylon storage bag too.
Available at Pet Gadgets too.

Intelligent Nail Cutter for Pets

Link: Pet Gadgets

Not a file explorer for your computer.  The Quickfinder is a nail cutter for your pet which lets you know when to stop when you're about to "cut to the quick".  When Dick recorded this show, it wasn't available yet, but it is now, at Pet Gadgets.

March '07 WTHII

Further to Episode 281, Dick explains that the name of the WTHII gadget is Sound Bites.

Shorthand for Dick

Listen to Dick's story of how he took his shorthand exercises at business school.

Acoustic Coupler

Gars Morgan from Wales writes about his experience at a hotel in Rome on his honeymoon when he had to use a 300 baud acoustic coupler modem to communicate with London.  The modem's familiar dialing tones confused the hotel's "modern" telephone system which cut him off when it detected those noisy tones.

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