Daily Giz Wiz 291: The Smart Cab

Episode 291 of the podcast

The Smart Cab
Subject: Review of The Smart Cab
Released:Monday 16 April 2007
Length:about 26 minutes
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Short info

New ideas in taxi cabs from the NY Auto Show. And a marriage proposal.

Detailed information

Dick was introduced at the New York International Auto Show to this Smart Cab by Tim Kennedy of Smart Design which was one of the partners in the design of this taxi cab.  Prototyped as the KIA Rondo, the Smart Cab was one of the exhibits of the Taxi '07 Project, intended to encourage designers to come up with intelligent and innovative designs for the taxi, in honour of the 100th anniversary of the New York Taxi Cab.

The passenger seat is electronically controlled and slides out and turns to make it easy for handicapped people to get into the taxi.  The door handles inside light up to make them easy to see.  When the door opens, the edge of the door lights up to alert passing traffic.  It has GPS built-in for the passengers to see from an LCD display where they are.  [New York City has now proposed making a GPS feature compulsory.]  Share-A-Ride LCD sign.  Light-coloured upholstery to make it easy to spot possessions left on the backseat. 

Lost and Found

Dick once left a cellphone and an iPod in a shoulder bag behind on the Metro North line.  He recovered the whole lot back at Grand Central Station.

Very Important and Time-Sensitive Proposal

Shane from Pennsylvania writes that his girlfriend Keira pish-poshes all the time he spends listening to DGW but has agreed to listen to one episode of DGW.  He has loved Kiera ever since the day they met and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  He asks Dick and Leo to read out his letter and to propose to Kiera for him on the air !!!

Topping It

With a proposal for marriage, Leo wonders how they're going to top this episode.  Indeed.  This episode is also the longest episode so far of DGW.  The previous record was Episode 152.

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