Daily Giz Wiz 299: Nupower Video Plus

Episode 299 of the podcast

Nupower Video Plus
Subject: Review of Nupower Video Plus
Released:Thursday 26 April 2007
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

Power your video iPod with an external battery, with Newertech's Nupower Video Plus.

Detailed information

For once, Leo has done something useful.  He introduced NewerTech to Dick (Episode 267).  Dick has found this new product from NewerTech, the NuPower Video Plus.  It's an extra/backup battery for the iPod Video which has a panel with a built-in dock that the iPod slides into.  You can also recharge the battery by plugging the iPod connector into its back.

Wedding Bells

Yes!  Keira said yes to Shane's marriage proposal aired in Episode 291.  Keira even finds Leo funny.  Maybe she can start listening to DGW regularly.

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