Daily Giz Wiz 3: Belkin Cable Free

Episode 3 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Belkin Cable Free
Released:Wednesday 22 February 2006
Length:about 8 minutes
Download file:dgw0003.mp3 (3.4 MB)

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Detailed information

Plug the USB dongle into your computer, which wirelessly connect (using Ultra Wide Band, or wireless USB) to the USB Hub which you can put anywhere within 30 feet, into which you plug your wired USB accessories.  UWB is 100 times faster than Bluetooth.

Admiral Of A Small Navy

This week, Dick calls himself on his business card Admiral Of A Small Navy, because he has 3 boats.  Leo's handle is ChiefTWiT.

"A gadget and then some ..."

Dick also refers to a 50" LG Wireless Plasma TV he saw at CES 2006.  This may have been the LG50PB2DW.

Jan '06 What The Heck Is It

And the January '06 "What The Heck Is It" gadget is the Fukuoku Finger Massage.

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