Daily Giz Wiz 313: Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC

Episode 313 of the podcast

Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC
Subject: Review of Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC
Released:Wednesday 16 May 2007
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0313.mp3 (7.8 MB)

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Short info

Samsung gives Origami one more try with the Q1 Ultra UMPC.

Detailed information

The Q1 Ultra is a UMPC (an Ultra Mobile PC) which Microsoft promoted at one stage with the code name Origami, but its future is not very clear.  It has a qwerty keyboard which are divided into 2 parts for your 2 thumbs.  Built-in wifi b/g, bluetooth, and HSDPA.  7" 1024x 600 LCD screen.  800 Mhz processor, 1GB DDR2 PC3200 memory, Windows Vista Home Premium.  9" x 5".  Built-in speakers and stand.

The Land of the Rolling Hills

Petaluma is a native Indian word meaning "The Land of the Rolling Hills".

The Lost Jingle

Someone has sent in a jingle to Dick wondering if this was the old letters jingle they were looking for (Episode 285).  It's not a letters jingle at all but a gravy jingle submission.  It's by Dan Lueders.  This was the jingle submission referred to by Dick in Episode 115, which Dick thought was played on Episode 114 but in fact wasn't - at least not on the currently available download.

Voices in your head

Dick and Leo have become voices in Bob Hamilton's head.

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