Daily Giz Wiz 314: UV Hawk

Episode 314 of the podcast

UV Hawk
Subject: Review of UV Hawk
Released:Thursday 17 May 2007
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0314.mp3 (6.1 MB)

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Short info

How long should you stay in the sun? Ask the UV Hawk.

Detailed information

The UV Hawk measures the maximum time you should be exposed to the sun.  You enter your skin type (4 options with various degrees of natural skin protection), enter the SPF of your suntan lotion, and the UV Hawk will measure the UV intensity of the current sunlight and calculate the time of exposure to the sun you should allow yourself, and begin the countdown.

Dan Lueders Gravy Jingle

The show opens with the lost and found gravy jingle by Dan Lueders.

Knork Warning

A listener warns other listeners against going to knork.com.  It's a virus-spreading website.  Go to Knork.net instead.

Knork, Chork, and Wrenchware

Josh in Denver has sent in a link to the Chork (picture at Episode 39 blog entry).  Daisy from Massachusetts tells Dick about some wrenchware.

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Tags: Measurement

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